Project Description

Regeneration Project

FSG was the sole contractor delivering the Regeneration MK Lakes Estate & Energy Efficiency project with a value of £7.2m, which was completed over 18 months. The project encompassed 380 properties, with between 4 and 10 properties handed over per week at various stages of the programme. Work commenced in April 2014 to include flat roofing, external wall insulation, cladding, boiler and central heating system replacements, window and door replacements and other energy efficiency works (such as heat recovery fans). FSG also completed occupancy assessments for each property to support ECO funding and provide energy advice to residents.

With several elements to be completed for each property, the works have been carefully planned to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption to customers. A whole property programme is typically completed in 20 working days. However, blocks of properties (e.g. terraces) can often be completed in the same timescales as a single property, and so works to multiple properties in the same block are planned simultaneously to help reduce the programme timescales. All window and door upgrades were completed in one day to limit exposure to the elements. In agreement with MK Council, we restricted the programme to ensure works were underway in only two streets, and scaffolding erected to no more than 30 properties at any one time. This helped to manage quality and customer care whilst ensuring properties are completed on time, with scaffolding removed promptly to minimise disruption.

Project Information

  • Milton Keynes

  • £7.2m

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